Reports Out on Student Loan Debt, Enrollment and Degrees

2020-2021 and 2019-2020 Graduate Loan Summary Report
This report, available for download, provides details on federal loan debt by students in graduate programs based on enrollment status by aid year. Have questions about the data? Insights into how the information should be considered and/or compiled for 2021-2021? Join the Graduate School for a Graduate Student Debt Question and Answer Workshop on Wednesday, October 27th, between 11 am and noon. Feel free to drop in (virtually!) anytime.
CGS/GRE 2020 Survey of Graduate Enrollment & Degrees
The downloadable document is the only national survey that annually collects data on first-time and total graduate enrollment across 1) all fields of study and 2) by degree level. The Fall 2020 survey was sent to 763 U.S. institutions and received a 73.1% response rate.


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